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Mortuary Management

Mortuary Management | Synbiotix
Care after death is a vital final stage in patient care, and one with only one opportunity to get right. 

Our Mortuary Management system gives you a centralised, comprehensive record of all deaths and mortuary activities, including coroner referrals, procedure results and permissions. Death certificates can be created from within the system, and any distribution or hard copies recorded, before managing the next step of a patient’s journey with full records of release to funeral parlour.


Delays and errors can be distressing to a patient’s family at an already challenging time. The system’s full integration with your Patient Management System eliminates discrepancies between using a paper process and transcription. Simple block management screens make it easy to view the location of each patient and keep track of their belongings, and clear dashboards help you track overdue tasks to ensure timely release of patients to their loved ones.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, fast & intuitive screens
  • Reduce cost, wastage, paper, and administrative burden
  • User-friendly iOS & Android apps with offline capability
  • ‘Plug & Play’ modules
  • Automated email notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting engine
  • Instant visibility of areas requiring improvement
  • Proven effectiveness across the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales

Training & Support

At Synbiotix we are proud to provide you with a service, not a product. Our dedicated implementation team will support you through set up, go live, and beyond.


We provide full staff training for every project. Our training sessions are classroom-style, giving all staff hands-on practice with the new system and the opportunity to ask any questions. We like to work collaboratively with our customers so that staff understand both how to use our systems, and how these fit into their working environment. We also offer training via Teams to accommodate anyone unable to attend in-person sessions.


Our online training portal makes it easy to find the help you need, whenever you need it, with access to our user manuals just a click away. Everyone learns differently, so our user manuals are available in both PDF and video formats.


Our support centre is open 24/7.

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