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Catering Information System


Manage every step of food service seamlessly with the Synbiotix Catering Information System. Its integrated collection of tools delivers a dynamic, quality-led patient experience while reducing wastage, driving down cost and upholding the highest levels of quality and safety.

Bedside Ordering

Take patient orders easily, efficiently and as close to the time of service as possible with menuPick. The simple app runs off any mobile device, even in Wi-Fi blackspots, to save time and effort collecting patient orders. It supports multiple menus, accompanied by pictures, allergen information and diet coding for every item, and is available in multiple languages to help your patients make informed choices.

Some patients have a higher level of independence than others. Give them control over their meals and allow them to place their own orders by scanning a QR code, like they would in a restaurant.

In the kitchen the system works to reduce wastage and drive down cost by optimising the amount of food sent up to the ward. Real-time links to stock management and a nutrition database reduces the administrative burden on your catering department to keep information up to date. All changes pull through to menuPick automatically – no need to brief ward staff at the start of the day or send out new menus.

Food Production

The system manages every step of food production, from item receipt through cooking, label printing, dispatch and delivery. Numbers from menuPick populate a production plan for the day, and historic values tell the kitchen what to expect on any given production cycle for both patient and retail numbers. 

Simple, clear screens display recipes and digital interfaces for ingredient preparation and stock control. Give your staff flexibility to use the system on a tablet or use large touch screens around the kitchen to keep everyone up to speed.

Our Catering Information System has been designed by industry experts to support all service delivery modules including Fresh Cook, Cook Chill and Cook Freeze and can be scaled up to support the largest production facility.

Digital HACCP

Throughout every stage of the food journey, back door to ward floor, Synbiotix captures digital HACCP signatures. Every signature is time-stamped, logged and kept indefinitely for audit purposes.


Track every ingredient and item easily with our comprehensive traceability reports, giving you access to supplier details, batch codes, storage temperatures and serving temperatures with one simple click.

Stock & Supplier Management

Use our integrated suite of stock management tools to make sure you never run out of items and ingredients. Stock is booked in and out as it moves through the catering journey; ingredients deplete as recipes are cooked in the kitchen, and items when they are picked, packed and served.

There’s no need to spend time compiling supplier orders. The system generates quantities required using your stockholding and optimum stock levels and sends them directly to the supplier via our EDI solution; saving you time and making sure you have exactly what you need to run your service.

Nutritional Analysis

Designed by healthcare professionals for use in a clinical setting, the Synbiotix Nutritional Analysis Tool gives you simple outputs for all items, menus and menu cycles to help make sure your patients are receiving the right nutrition for their recovery and compliance. It links to BDA digest guidelines to show compliance for all foods against standards like Renal and Healthy Choice.

An integrated food diary links directly to the menuPick bedside ordering system, allowing dietetic teams to easily track food choices and plate waste with ability to use photos and percentage uptakes to assess and record meal consumption.

Label Printing

We support label printing for PPSD and CPU products to comply with Natasha’s Law legislation

Point of Sale

It’s not just limited to patient catering; our Point of Sale system (in partnership with DNA Payment Solutions) supports your retail outlets. It’s fully linked to both stock management and production, giving your kitchen full visibility of estimated production levels each week and tracking your popular items through an integrated suite of reports.

Using Synbiotix has transformed the way we manage our teams. Its made the process of raising and assigning tasks much quicker and we’ve seen clear improvements in our efficiencies. The training and support they’ve given us has made every step of the process smooth and easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, fast & intuitive screens
  • Reduce cost, wastage, paper, and administrative burden
  • User-friendly iOS & Android apps with offline capability
  • ‘Plug & Play’ modules
  • Automated email notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting engine
  • Instant visibility of areas requiring improvement
  • Proven effectiveness across the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales

Training & Support

At Synbiotix we are proud to provide you with a service, not a product. Our dedicated implementation team will support you through set up, go live, and beyond.

We provide full staff training for every project. Our training sessions are classroom-style, giving all staff hands-on practice with the new system and the opportunity to ask any questions. We like to work collaboratively with our customers so that staff understand both how to use our systems, and how these fit into their working environment. 

We also offer training via Teams to accommodate anyone unable to attend in-person sessions.

Our online training portal makes it easy to find the help you need, whenever you need it, with access to our user manuals just a click away. Everyone learns differently, so our user manuals are available in both PDF and video formats.

Our support centre is open 24/7.

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